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Director : Swapan Saha

Cast : Prosenjit,Rishi Roy,Barsha Priyadarshini

Directed by Swapan Saha, Takkar is the first movie produced by Zee motion pictures. The story presents Prosenjit as Ajoy and Rachana Banerjee as Chaitali. They love each other but their relationship is not accepted by Chaitali’s family because of the indifferences in status and wealth. Chaitali goes against her family and marries Ajoy but problems started to arise between them on certain issues. Chaitali being slapped by Ajoy under worse circumstances, leaves home. Fifteen years pass by and Ajoy (now a rich man) still couldn’t forget Chaitali. Chaitali on the other hand was always poisoned about Ajoy by her brother Joydeb and aunt. Arun, Ajoy’s nephew saved Chaitali from Sekhar, the villain of the movie and even got jailed for 4 years taking up all the blames on him. What happens to Arun after he gets released?? Did he and his love interest Tithi unite for life?? All these questions are answered with a happy ending. Zee Bangla Movies bring the blockbuster movie of 2008 including emotions, actions, the two different looks of Prosenjit make it more interesting.