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Director : Basu Chatterjee

Cast : Priyanka Trivedi, Arjun Chakraborty, Firdous, Ramprasad Banik

Dipantika, an aspiring singer, newly out of college, moves to a new locality with her parents. Her neighbours, Renu and Basanti envy  Dipa because of her extrovert nature. They suspect her of having an affair with their husbands, Dilip and Mukunda respectively, which definitely is not true. Dipa develops a warm and friendly relationship with Renu’s daughter Neila and Basanti’s son Anil. Both Renu and Basanti call up at their  respective homes to sort out their matters. Basanti’s brother Ajit was much crossed to leave his girlfriend Rakhi’s birthday party and resolve the disputes in her sister’s life. Therefore, he vents out all his anger on Dipa unknowingly. Mukunda and Dilip got disturbed by all this chaos and wanted to bring an end to it. What follows next is a plan by the duo Mukunda and Dilip to link up Dipa and Ajit which becomes a success after the latter falls in love. The movie has a lot of comic elements which results in a lot of laughter.