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Tumi Je Amar

Director : Sujit Kumar Paul

Cast : Jass Sarkar, Shamik Chakraborty, Sean Banerjee, Devlina Kumar, Monojit Boral, Mallika Sinha Roy, Namita Chakraborty, Jayanta Bhattacharya & Others

Ani, Anupam, Nirob, Kaushik and Charu have a Bangla Band of their own. Ani is very talented and is the main vocalist among them and also composes the songs. Ani is the only son and extremely dear to his parents Namita and Sudip. They are a well-to-do family of Kolkata and share a close and warm bonding.

Sudip and Namita suddenly receive a call from their friend Aditya and Indrani living abroad. Aditya and Indrani inform them that, their daughter Angel is going to Jadavpur University in Kolkata for a project, and so request them to arrange for a hotel in Kolkata for her stay. Sudip and Namita suggest that Angel should come and live with them instead as they would be happy to host her for the period. So, it’s decided that Angel will come and stay with Sudip and Namita on her educational trip. Sudip asks Aditya to send her flight details so that they can go and receive Angel from the airport.

The day before Angel’s arrival, Sudip is tied up with a meeting and asks Ani to go and receive Angel from the airport. But Sudip doesn’t mention this to Angel over the phone or SMS. When Ani comes to receive her, Angel thinks that Sudip Uncle’s driver has come to fetch her. While travelling, Ani’s questions irritate her as she cannot fathom a driver’s audacity to speak to her so much. She remembers Ani as a kid from the last time they met and that Ani was a “Cry Baby”. Her conversation amuses Ani and he continues to keep his identity as a driver. Once home, she finally realizes Ani’s true identity as Sudip Uncle and Namita Auntie’s son. Namita is overjoyed to see Angel after all these years. Angel also enjoys her stay, with the warmth and love she gets from Uncle and Auntie. Only Ani is still not very eager to befriend her and so he tries to avoid her and stays away from her. One day, while Ani was trying to compose a song, Angel, attracted by the tune enters his room, only to realize that actually she is not very welcome to his space. But she appreciates his talent and respects that.

One-day Angel cooks Bengali food for everybody but Ani doesn’t appreciate her efforts. Sudip and Namita don’t comment out of love but appreciate her instead. But Angel is still disturbed with Ani’s reaction and decides to prove herself. The next day Angel prepares breakfast for everybody and Ani appreciates the food at the breakfast table without knowing that Angel has made it, much to Angel’s satisfaction.

But in the middle of all this fun, on the day of Angel’s project submission, Namita suddenly falls very sick and has a stroke. Both Sudip and Ani were unreachable. Once news reaches Angel, she somehow excuses herself from the professors and rushes home to call for a Doctor and single-handedly manages the crisis. But Angel misses her project submission. Her visa is now getting cancelled for this and she will have to go back home. Namita feels guilty but Angel assures her that her life was more important and that she has ample time for her career ahead. She says how much she enjoyed her stay as a family and admits that she actually respects Indian values and culture a lot despite being brought up abroad. This earns Angel a lot of respect from Ani, who is now really impressed and his idea about her changes completely.

But will these change things between Angel & Ani? Will they be able to express their true feelings for each other? To find out watch ZEE BANGLA CINEMA ORIGINALS – ”TUMI JE AMAR” on 10th June at 6 pm only on Zee Bangla Cinema