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Director : Tota Roy Choudhury

Cast : Tota Roy Chowdhury, Rituparna Sengupta & Others

Arnab, an honest and simple PWD officer, gets shifted to Kolkata with his loving wife Anjali. Happiness bestows upon him as the new locality and its people seem quite friendly and eventually his wife becomes pregnant conquering previous patches of complicacy. But the period of apparent serenity and happiness comes to its end very soon.

A road contractor tries to bribe Arnab to overlook the substandard materials he uses in constructing roads but Arnab denies it. The incident soon gets the baddy MLA Shibshankar and his younger brother Raju into the scenario. Together, they create havoc in Arnab’s life. At a point of time Arnab ends up losing his cool and hits a boy associated with Raju. Getting apprehensive on the aftermath of the issue Shibshankar influences the system and sends Arnab to jail to teach him a lesson.

While Arnab counts his days of torture and humiliation in jail, Raju, with his accomplice police inspector Das, ends up killing Anjali and the unborn child. The incident makes Arnab angrier than ever and changes his way of life that leads him to become a villain with the help of Sultanbhai, a criminal with golden heart and Laila, a young lady of unwatchable fighting spirit.

How a simple man like Arnab becomes a true villain of iron mettle and vigor of finishing the enemies of society off to avenge the death of his wife and unborn child makes the rest of the thrilling yet emotional saga of a VILLAIN…