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Zee Bangla Football League

Cast : Mohammedan Sporting, Quess East Bengal, Aryans, Mohun Bagan & 16 Clubs

Zee Bangla Football League is a ground-breaking grass-root sports initiative by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, in association with Indian Football Association. Right from its inaugural season, the league has planned to revolutionise the sport of football in the under-19 level, with stunning innovations and formats, making it an aspirational sport for players and fans alike. Backed by the biggest football clubs like East Bengal Football Club, Mohun Bagan, Mohammedan Sporting Club and Aryan Football club, the league is committed to train and nurture the budding talents across the state of West Bengal.

Zee Entertainment Enterprises and IFA will jointly work towards elevating the sport to international standards, with new and exciting innovations that will change the way this game is viewed. By infusing new life into this sport, we usher in a new era of regional football. Zee Bangla Football League has shown unprecedented participation across all districts of the state of West Bengal. With this initiative, we are committed to making this sport a viable career option for aspiring players in our state.