About Us

Launched in 2012, Zee Bangla Cinema was Zee’s offering for an audience which wanted best-in-class Bengali movies across genres, available 24×7. Since then, Zee Bangla Cinema has endeavoured to bring quality entertainment to movie buffs all over the world. Showcasing some of Bengal’s finest cinema, comprising strong ensemble casts and gripping storylines, we have established ourselves as the No.1 Bengali movie channel.

Furthermore, Zee Bangla Cinema Originals pioneered the concept of full-length feature films by a movie channel in the Bengali film industry that are completely produced in-house.

Zee Bangla Cinema- the first dedicated Bengali movie channel, launched on 23rd September, 2012, is a 24x7 movie channel entirely dedicated to showcase best-in-class Bengali movies across genres. 


Mediasiti, XI - 4, J - 1/15
Block EP, 10th floor,
Sector V, Electronic Complex, Saltlake
Kolkata - 700091
Tel: +91 3322275458/59