Cast: Bonny Sengupta Koushani Mukherjee Paayel Sarkar Joey Debroy Aloknanda Roy Pallavi Chatterjee & Others
Director: Sudeshna Roy, Abhijit Guha

Movie Synopsis- Ayan, a young IT professional lives with his parents who are worried about his future plans, especially marriage. His mother wants a bride at home but Ayan somehow keeps missing the bus. The parents take extreme measures and visit an astrologer who asks Ayan to change his name to “Harrihar” with a double “r”. Ayan is loathed to do so and takes help from Subho, his colleague and friend. Subho creates a profile of Ayan on a matrimonial site with embellishments which are not true. Subho’s girlfriend, Riya, is very encouraging and helps Ayan by advising him on how to treat young ladies of today.

Subho and Riya too have a tumultuous relationship. However, Ayan gets a proposal from a young girl Shreya’s mother. Shreya, is from Mumbai and a thorough professional in all ways. She does not have a positive impression of boys from Kolkata. Ayan tries to change her mind and succeeds to some extent. Shreya is much impressed by Ayan’s profile which boasts of his travels to distant lands. Shreya, an avid traveller herself, finds this aspect of Ayan a common point of interest. But Ayan is always wary as against his will these lies have been put in his profile.

Subho and Riya face opposition from Riya’s father who is concerned about his daughter. He feels Subho is not the right match for his daughter.

Will the two couples unite and how is the crux of

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